Anand K. C.

Founder and CEO

Meet Anand, the driving force behind SlumReach's vision and impact. With a heart dedicated to social change, Anand founded SlumReach with a mission to uplift the underprivileged and create a lasting impact on communities. 

Drawing inspiration from a deep sense of compassion, he brings extensive experience in philanthropy and a keen understanding of the transformative power of holistic initiatives. Anand's commitment to empowering lives goes beyond borders, as seen in the expansion of SlumReach's services from Maryland, USA, to slum areas in India. 

His leadership is characterized by a belief in collaborative solutions, sustainability, and the unwavering conviction that positive change starts with individuals coming together for a common purpose. In Anand's hands, SlumReach continues to be a beacon of hope, fostering a legacy of compassion and empowerment.

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